Welcome to Two Crows Consulting

Two Crows Consulting can help you expand the market for your software or services. When you’re trying to communicate complex information, learn more about your customers and competition, launch an innovative product, or identify new opportunities, call on Two Crows.

We can make your existing marketing more effective and your future plans likelier to succeed. Two Crows has worked with B2B, B2G, and nonprofit organizations ranging from start-ups to industry leaders. You’ll find us informed, objective, and experienced.

What Two Crows can do for you:

  • Focus your sales message to stand out from the competition
  • Improve your website and marketing materials
  • Translate technical features into business benefits
  • Gather and analyze data on current and potential customers
  • Help you exploit additional markets
  • Fine-tune product features and user interfaces
  • Select and manage outside contractors as needed
  • Educate your employees on emerging technologies
  • Plan and implement new product introduction

Contact us for the information you need to get the results you want.

Two Crows Consulting also has an outstanding reputation for expertise in data mining and can apply advanced analytics to the information in your database. Learn the basics of data mining from our popular tutorial booklet, “Introduction to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Third Edition” (PDF).

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