Client projects

Two Crows has worked with both vendors and users of information technology. Examples of our past projects include:

  • When a developer wanted to turn an innovative algorithm into a marketable product, Two Crows reviewed the software’s capabilities, helped shape the user interface, and made recommendations for the business plan.
  • An established software vendor was considering extending its product line in a radically different direction. Two Crows performed market research and customer surveys that provided an accurate picture of this new segment’s potential value.
  • A data management firm planned to expand its geospatial information systems practice for government clients. Two Crows created new marketing materials highlighting the company’s experience and suggested additional promotional strategies.
  • Two Crows developed, administered, and analyzed the results of a survey for a consortium of industry vendors seeking to learn more about current and potential users of their software tools.
  • A leading financial services company relied on Two Crows to develop a strategy for applying data analytics technology to key revenue areas.

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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